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 About Cheery

Dog Training

In Sept 2017, Cheery Dog Training  began to help families and pets live in healthy relationships based on trust, equality and respect.  I offer individualized sessions teaching relevant real life skills to you.

These are conducted in person and on video conferencing software.  Consults can be conducted at your home, my training facility in Roseworthy or in local dog friendly areas.


Vision, mission and values


Cheery Dog Training is committed to positve handling and training of animals


Creating calm co-operative and fun canine companions  


  • Teach and train using force-free principles and techniques

  • No force, pain, corrections or intimidation

  • Make no guarantees about behavioural outcomes

  • Prompt response to queries

  • Be honest. Admit mistakes and apologise

  • Use respectful language with people and pets

  • Do what I tell clients I’ll do. Do more when I can

  • Recommend the services I think are in the best interests of my clients and your dogs

  • Value lifetime learning by continuing to improve my skill as a teacher and trainer

  • Pursue ongoing education and professional development

  • Conduct myself in a way that upholds my values and principles


Who is involved in Cheery Dog Training?

Dog training is an unregulated industry however it is advised to seek a trainer with evidence of understaning of dog and people training. All Cheery Dog trainers have education from academic courses along with extensive field experience.

elaine cheery dog

Elaine Kennedy

Elaine has thirty-five years’ experience working in this field and loves to help people connect better with their dogs

Animal Welfare League in Adelaide for 10 years

  • Behavioural trainer for 10 years
  • Mutts with Manners Dog training,
  • Behavioural assessment
  • Staff and volunteer training
  • Training dogs for television commercials and photo shoots

Community Experience

  • Titled own dogs in Obedience, Dances with Dogs and Tricks
  • Volunteer instructor for many public dog clubs in Victoria and South Australia
  • Foster Carer for dogs and cats

Professional organisations

  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia Member and Region Representative (SA)
  • Pet Professional Guild
  • Karen Pryor Academy
  • TagTeach


Zoe has been helping with training people and dogs since she was 6 month old.

Zoe has earned the Novice level  Dances with Dogs Freestyle and Heelwork to Music titles with Dogs SA. She is enjoying learning for the Trick Test,  and has earned her Starters Title in September 2020.  Good work for at  14 years old!

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