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Calm Cooperative and Fun Canine Companions

Cheery Dog Training operates in the Northern Adelaide area

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Puppies and adult dogs don’t come pre-programmed to understand the unwritten rules of living with you. Where to toilet? Where is a safe sleeping spot? Are dogs allowed to come in the door with you?

I have extensive experience helping in this area.  I am an active foster carer for Animal Welfare League and worked for many years as an adoption counsellor.



All Pet Services


All shapes and sizes. With clear consistent training and management, your dog can learn to be the best dog.

cat training


Cats and kittens often miss out. Help for common problems such as litter tray use, integration with current pets, handling and travel.

fear free certified

Vet visits

When you were young, did you hate going to the doctor or the dentist, having your  hair  or teeth brushed? Now you understand it is beneficial to you.

Pets can learn  to accept and even love vet visits and husbandry care. 

small group class

Online ADvice

I offer virtual classes via Zoom, chat and video. You’ll get feedback promptly and won’t need to wait for an in-person lesson. Choose a package that give the levels of assistance you need.

Group Classes

Your dog or puppy will benefit from small group classes. Socialisation, basic manners, separation anxiety prevention, mat training, tricks and play. These are online at present via Zoom.

elaine clicker dog

Learning about learning

Do you love to learn? Are you a training junkie? Want to learn the why and how of training? Do you compete in dog sports?  Advanced concept classes are for you!

I can help

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5 Clode St, Roseworthy South Australia


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Wednesday: 1.00pm - 8.00pm

Thursday : 8.00am - 1.00pm

Friday : 9.00am - 3.00pm

S–S : 9.00am - 7.30pm

From My Dogs

Elaine is my favourite human, unless you’ve got chicken treats!.  She adopted me from the Animal Welfare League 14 years ago. I was a rat bag puppy, lunging after running people and especially balls. I thought they were all mine.  She patiently showed me what to do when I was calm enough to learn.

Some of you might remember me from the front page of the Advertiser. I stood in for the real RED DOG, telling people to adopt Kelpie dogs only if they are ready for a challenge, lots of exercise and a dog that is cleverer than you.

I thoroughly recommend Elaine to help you to train your humans.


Demo Dog and Doggy Dancer

I don’t see why Zoe gets the first column to herself. I’m Elaine’s favourite – you can tell because she allows me to sit on her lap not Zoe.

I also was adopted from the Animal Welfare League, more recently than Zoe, in April 2020.  I am the demo dog for training new tricks. Zoe is too good at it to teach anyone anymore!

Elaine is patient and is teaching me people and dog etiquette at a distance. This COVID-19 thing is annoying, I didn’t get to hang out in the park with my human and doggy friends. Come and join me in a manners class.

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Chief lap sitter and cheeky monster

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